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Michele Welcome


Michele has been in the fitness industry for 20 years having competed in SIX federations, Panel Judged and Head Judged for multiple bodybuilding federations, and is regarded as a top professional posing coach and physique transformation specialist with a "keen eye" for even the smallest of details. 


Michele is sought after for her unique ability to teach all divisions and federations and many of Michele's posing clients have won professional status across federations for divisions such as bikini, figure, fit body, physique, and bodybuilding. 

In her own competitive career Michele became a champion competitor in all federations including NPC, Fitness Universe, WBFF, WNBF, ANBC, and OCB. She won overall titles and "best poser" awards as a bodybuilder and figure competitor and achieved Professional Figure Status in three different federations. In addition to her vast competition experience, Michele is a prestigious RYT 200 Embodyoga Certified Instructor; a Graduate of the John Casablancas Modeling And Acting School; a multiple business owner; published author, and she has earned four different nutrition and personal training certifications.  

Michele has created her own teaching style, methodologies, and best practices from her diverse and eclectic education, first hand experience as a competitor, and many years of hands on teaching.   She understand how much competing in competitions MEANS to competitors, especially if you they never been on stage before in their life. From new competitors to seasoned veterans looking for a competitive edge, Michele has been able to transform even the most challenging posing clients and make them stand outs on stage. 

Michele's posing and choreography expertise is sought after internationally by competitors in all federations and all categories.  Besides the different "looks" of every federation, Michele teaches all the different posing and stage routine and/or walk requirements of each federation. Over the years she has noticed that competitors are pressured to compete in one organization over another which can take the fun out of competing if a federation or a division is not best suited for her. She believes everyone should receive unbiased instruction and knowledge about all options available before deciding where to compete. 

As a judge for multiple federations Michele knows from experience the criteria the judges use to compare athletes in all the different divisions of a competition including: Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini/Model/Fitness Model, Physique, and Fit Body.  She is sought after to judge professional competitions due to her keen eye for a balanced physique and her ability to distinguish key physique differences between athletes. 


Finally, as an entrepreneur, Michele has owned multiple successful business in addition to her posing and choreography business.  One such business was a successful full service gym & posing studio in Avon, CT. During her gym ownership she created the "Michele Approved Movement®" identifying the best of the best local businesses, created "Michele Approved®" healthy menus in 4 different restaurants, and implemented a grocery list with over 200 shelf tags in a local supermarket identifying "Michele Approved" foods. Michele's unique marketing strategies caught the eye of many media publications and local and national businesses wanting to collaborate and earn her "stamp" of approval.


Over Michele's 20 years of competing/coaching/judging in all federations and divisions, she has developed a very unique, unparalelled set of skills and experience that you CANNOT get anywhere else.  She knows what areas you need to improve and what mistakes you need to avoid. 


If you have the desire, commitment, and drive to do what it takes to WIN and give yourself that competitive edge, then Michele would love to chat with you about how to make YOU a winner. If that sounds good to you, and you are ready to tap into her 20 years of experience so you can WIN, then go to to book a complimentary road mapping call with her.  

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